The Yellow

Yup! The Yellow!

The yellow glistens.
It glistens with various yellows,
Citrons, oranges and greens.

Isn’t there something so refreshing about yellow, irrespective of the shade, of which there are a thousand (amber, ochre, mustard, lime, neon, golden, sunlight, orange. that’s a Yellow too, no!)? Its always like a pleasant surprise, it springs upon you and forces you to smile. Why else do you think those smiley stress buster balls are yellow?

And don’t yellow and grey make such a charming pair! I love them individually and I love them even more together. But I can only have small yellow accents in my home, I can’t deal with too much yellow, its much too happy for one like me, you know with a dark and broody side!

Anyway since I am really coveting a lovely pair of yellow pants/shorts these days, here’s a collage dedicated to yellow.


Neons are so in vogue these days, but you do need to have a certain panache to be able to pull it off and I am not entirely certain I have what it takes, so i am just going to stick to a basic yellow or a lemon yellow, or maybe maize yellow. There we go again! Psst!

Photo credits: Polyvore, Myntra, Hostelsclub, Houzz